Olympic torch sponsor freebies

Olympic torch sponsor freebies

I registered at 3: A request for an initial group of 12 volunteers was made, so I jumped up enthusiastically and joined the supervisor who led us all towards the starting point, to be marshals at the beginning of the route. Initially crowds were only gathering at key points like the Cathedral, High Street and the final destination Stoke Park, but gradually local residents started lining the streets. Lots of families arrived with young children excitedly waving their Union Jack flags. There was a great friendly community atmosphere…I even had offers of cups of tea and use of toilet facilities from the houses near to me! These were open-top buses, with music playing and acrobatic street performers.

London Olympics: Freebies for fat cats, the public treated like mugs

Know tthe Know he best best a accessible ccessible ttoilets oilets a and nd p parking arking sspaces paces in in your your a area? WheelMate is available now as a fr ee smartphone app pp and an online platform. Y ou o free You can sear ch, add, rate and comment on locations when at home or on the go. Despite the terrible weather we have all been experiencing, the news, stories and information here should put a bit of Shine back into all of our lives.

In a year of such high profile sporting events, including Euro , the Tour de France and, of course, the London Olympics and Paralympics, we are delighted to include stories of how some of our members are involved. This Summer edition is our second supporter copy, many thanks to Coloplast for partnering with Shine in this way.

You can read more about Coloplast and the services they offer on pages 18 and Submission dates for Autumn edition Register of interest to submit: If you would like to share your views, photos or news please do email me at tom. Cover photo: Tom Scott. All enquiries and comments to: Danny Mills set for Masterchef stardom! This event is the first Archie Mills Memorial Challenge, which Danny is attempting in memory of his Son Archie, who had spina bifida and died ten years ago this year.

Danny is well into his training schedule and last month completed the Leeds 10k — cycling to and from the event from his home in Harrogate! To donate please visit: A web-developer with spina bifida has created an online resource to assist disabled people. Andy Stiller, 41, from Brighton, has created the website www. Disabled people and their friends have a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

The aim is to share information and reviews on venues, services and products — and practical tips and advice to make life easier. For more visit www. And finally Her professional expertise and wicked sense of humour will be greatly missed. It is written by and for people with lived experience of disability or health conditions, to inspire involvement in sport and fitness and improve access to grassroots sport. It may change your life. To view their products, go to www.

Shine, Shine and Shine again! Last year Somerset Shine joined us in our new identity and outlook. Spring into Action! Three Local Associations got together in May to share their experiences and ideas at the Spring into Action! The Southampton and District Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association, trustees of Shine Surrey, and Somerset Shine discussed issues such as fundraising, publicity, social activities, sharing information, distributing welfare grants, membership, and constitutional matters.

We at Shine look forward to working in partnership with all concerned. One lucky winner will win a bag of Shine goodies after all surveys are in. The closing date for the survey is Shine would like hear your views … contact Kate Thomas on or email on kate. Alternatively, you can read and download the consultation documents and find out how to take part by visiting the DWP website at: For details contact: Geraldine Long — T: The exhibition will be on display from 22nd — 25th October , and is a great opportunity for Shine to receive exposure on an international level.

Sammy will be urging everyone to Wear Yellow and Shine! Sammy will be sharing lots of unique advice about how you can get involved. A key date for you to focus on is Friday 26th October. This is the last day of the first term in most schools and it happens to fall during Shine Awareness Week. This means that it is an ideal time for you to ask a nursery, play-group, school, or college to let everyone come in wearing something yellow and asking them to make a small donation to do so.

We want as many people as possible to Wear Yellow and Shine! Dates for your diary: October 26th To find out more please contact Hannah Wysocki on T: At Newca as at this p vice and encourag w r what the It fo. Sh We knew new shun When he a. The who loped norm in, to Matt deve mily holiday in Spain veloped. This nd Shine a is v a ir re o t n M u h to o more s e turned ce again, Matt had tw n Matt was 8, but on n the water slide. W e Shine family. A room has enough tr d M e t ork seasons a orts Academy.

H c x e tt a M ally Ea not Academic achieve good GCS s probably e a to w ll rd a a tb h o a extr g in th lized fo e end. We were met with an enthusiastic welcome and bacon sandwiches! The Olympic staff and David, from the sponsor Samsung, gave me an equally warm welcome. I met my fellow torchbearers; we had an instant bond, all of us dressed in our white Olympic uniforms.

I was number 37, the last in our batch, and we boarded a shuttle bus to take us to meet the Torch Convoy. We arrived to a police escort, the sponsor floats, and the dancing girls, ready to hand out freebies to the spectators. Each torchbearer left the bus to a huge cheer from the remaining passengers, but someone realised that as the last man I would not get a cheer — so they decided to give me my cheer there and then!

I was now carrying the Olympic Flame. I wanted the next few minutes to last forever. I started my run, trying to look like I was going fast without actually going anywhere. I was greeted with cheers and waves. The feeling of pride inside me was immense. I got back on the bus with the other 36 members of my team. As I approached my moment of glory I could see the crowds waiting. The reception was amazing. I now know what it is like to be a celebrity. I waited ten minutes for the last torchbearer to catch up.

Everybody wanted a photograph with me and the Torch. The people of Hartlepool were amazing and made me feel so special. Back at Hartlepool Rugby Club a makeshift awards ceremony was set up in the car park. One by one we went forward to receive our Olympic Torches, cheered on by our friends and family. Later we returned home to Darlington to greet the torchbearers and join in the celebrations where an estimated 15, people on North Road in Darlington cheered the Torch as it passed.

Shining bright! Olympic Torchbearers Ian Powell Ian Powell has always lived an action packed life, the yearold from Chester has never let spina bifida stop him living life to the full. During his life he has been given a fifty-fifty chance of dying and been on a life support machine in intensive care on two occasions. He sets an example to us all in respect of getting on with it. It is massive and I am very grateful.

When they first met Simeon was fearful of the water and very timid. Pamela was inspired to begin swimming classes for disabled children living in Bath. This was a real challenge for both student and teacher as Simeon sought to overcome the physical constraints of his disability and become a competent swimmer. Soon Pamela had enabled Simeon to become so confident that he was retrieving bricks from the bottom of the pool.

This was entirely his own initiative and demonstrates his amazing character. It was a great experience and one which Simeon completely deserved. The pupil from John Whitgift Academy was delighted to have been chosen after her tutor group Apollo 8 nominated her for the honour. I want to compete in the Olympics so carrying the Torch is a really big privilege for me. What has been the greatest challenge you have had to overcome as a sportswoman, and who has supported you through this? I have had many challenges in my life, both physical and emotional, but I think most people do at some point.

I just see these events as character building and have helped shape who I am today. My family and friends are truly incredible people and I have them to thank for supporting me in all aspects of my sporting and personal life. Who are your sporting heroes and why? I began playing tennis with my family at the age of 5 and have enjoyed it ever since. We moved to a house where our neighbours had a tennis court in their back garden, then a few years later four were built opposite my house, it was like I was destined to play!

Then I went to the Stoke Mandeville junior games, and realised I could compete and pursue the sport further. But many other athletes have motivated me, especially Paralympic and disabled athletes as they usually have an interesting and inspiring story to tell about how they have got to where they are now. My true inspirations are my Grandparents. They have faced many challenges in life yet been very successful in all they have done, they have always encouraged me to follow my heart and do the best at I can at everything I do.

Hyde Park Olympic Torch Relay

Fittingly, a troupe of 50 belly dancers will celebrate the Olympic torch on its progress through the city. Hip-hop, kathak an Indian classical dance and a Cuban choir will also feature, as the local council and community groups try to retrieve some shreds of glory from what is widely perceived as an over commercial, London-centred event. The torch arrives in Sheffield through the northern village of Chapeltown, former home of the Thorncliffe ironworks and birthplace of Izal Germicide, which some oldies may remember as the coal-tar derivative that once medicated those hard, shiny loo rolls. It processes through Hillsborough, still a steel suburb though better known for the football stadium disaster in , and on towards the city centre, passing both ends of my road as it loops around the student area — the two universities now as central to Sheffield s economy as steel once was. Early next morning, it leaves Attercliffe, the historic heart of Sheffield s steel industry, now grimy and silent, down the Don valley, where a shiny new stadium has replaced the old steam hammers, and away.

Find out more about eligibility criteria and how to register to vote.

He said the secretary-general will also visit the Olympic Village and meet competitors including the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team. That member team includes two refugees from Syria, five from South Sudan, two from Congo and one from Ethiopia. Ban carried the Olympic torch at the summer games in London and the winter games in Sochi, Russia. Dujarric said Ban will also attend a meeting Friday night for heads of state hosted by Brazil s acting President Michel Temer.


Because tonight is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to celebrate the Olympic torch as it comes to Sault Ste. Marie a little after 6: This is Day 65 of the day, 45,kilometre relay and everyone s invited to join in the free celebration. But there s also the route. All along the local route , people are encouraged to line the streets. The torch parade continues west on Wellington to Pim Street, where it turns south and continues to Queen Street East, where it turns west and runs along Queen to the Essar Centre.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Pre Olympic Torch Procession in Reigate

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To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. If the Olympic torch relay, now two- thirds of the way across the country, falls behind schedule, a computer in a small office in White Plains can suggest faster runners, shorter routes and flatter terrain to speed the flame along. The man who runs the office, William Douglas Jeffcoat, can then call Torch One, the communications vehicle in the caravan, by high-frequency radio. Jeffcoat said. Since the Olympic flame began its 9,mile cross-country journey May 8, which will take it through 33 states before it reaches Los Angeles on July 28, Mr. Jeffcoat, a district manager of research and technical support for A. Communications, has been working 12 hours a day - 8 for his employer, which is sponsoring the relay, and 4 for his club, the Telephone Pioneers of America. But 5, volunteers from the Telephone Pioneers have been working out the nuts and bolts - surveying roads, driving runners to their starts and making sure each one has a uniform and a torch. Brom, said.

Our guide to the Olympic Torch Relay for Huddersfield, Brighouse, Dewsbury and Halifax

And if you want to know where best to stand, park your car and get a few freebies, we have all the details. Those who stand on the left hand side of the route 30 minutes before the first torchbearer starts are more likely to get any freebies being handed out by Olympic sponsors. Those on the right will miss out, but may get a better view. Click here for an image gallery of the Olympic Torch Relay as it makes its way through Yorkshire. Kirklees residents who normally park on the roadside where the torch will pass are asked to park elsewhere to give clear access for the convoy and torchbearers.

Thousands crowd Brennan Park to greet Olympic Flame

Home News Update News. SIEL , is now toying with the idea of striking an association with some other popular games in India. The company, which is currently involved with the Athens Olympic and sponsoring the Indian Olympic team, says that it is part of its global strategy as it helps in creating brand familiarity and generate goodwill. In India, we are also considering getting associated with another popular game," Mr K. Without disclosing the name of the sport, Mr Kim said, "It is under negotiation. Hence, it would not be appropriate to disclose the name. The company is spending about 25 per cent of its total market budget on sports sponsorships, he said.

Volunteer at Olympic Torch Relay

A BT spokesman said that it had offered MPs free tickets to the men s m final as part of a briefing on the company s role in the Games. The vast majority of the tickets we have bought are going to our retail customers through our Record Breakers promotion or our employees for reward and recognition. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mr Whittingdale defended his decision to accept free tickets to the men s m final from BT. My committee has spent five years having regular sessions on the preparations for the Olympics. It s not terribly surprising that we might have wanted to go and have a look. But they are a major sponsor of the Olympics and have put a huge amount of money into the Games. I don t see that this compromises the committee at all. MPs from the Culture, Media and Sport select committee have accepted free tickets to the men s m final from an Olymic sponsor. BT has confirmed that four members of of the committee accepted the tickets, including chairman John Whittingdale.

Great photo of the torch - hoping to see it here in N Ireland in a week or two. Thanks for sharing!

Olympic torch returns to Worcestershire

Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Search this thread. I was at the Eaton Centre this weekend and Bell has a gig going where they take a photo of you with an actual olympic torch! The photo that bell takes is sub par at best due to the edits made to the photo bell logo, a slogan and croping , however, the staff are very friendly and they do not mind taking photos with your own digital camera which turned out spectacular. Here is a link to the details: Nearby Bell locations: When the Vancouver Olympic torch went by my city I got a chance to get two pictures with the an Olympic torch. Thanks for the heads up because it s neat to show people. You re welcome.

June 13 , 1: Remember - you can follow all 70 days of the relay on thetimes. Join us again tomorrow. Matthew used to run a fish pedicure business. But the fad faded. Instead, he found a far more lucrative business for , year of jubilation and Olympic hospitality: Making sure he times it right — just before the Samsung sponsors arrive with their freebies - he unloads the tartan bag slung over his shoulder with ease, pressing…. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access.

After enduring vociferous complaints from hungry customers, one stall hung up an explanatory sign. The walls of the bridge leading into the Olympic Park are decorated with scenes from the Olympic-torch relay intertwined with images of Coca-Cola bottles. And the only beer on tap at Olympic venues is Heineken. The pairings may seem incongruous. With the exception of some endurance athletes, who burn 4, to 6, calories every day in training, fast food , alcohol and sugary snacks are generally off the menu for Olympians. Popular U. Yet spectators at London venues, whose Olympic exertion involves trudging from stadium to food stand, are offered a burger, candy and beer buffet officially sanctioned by the Olympic brand. Unsurprisingly, the arrangement has come under criticism from health experts and campaigners. Malcolm Clark, head of the U. He later e-mailed a statement to Reuters:. Through the years we have personally witnessed the positive impact that they make as TOP sponsors. Journalists were greeted at the door by a willowy waitress offering bottled water and fruit smoothies. Posters of fruit and vegetable snacks brightened the room, while next to the speaking podium, an entire Carmen Miranda headdress of bananas, pineapples and grapes appeared to have been disgorged onto a table. The Best Action and Reactions from the Olympics. Stephenson agrees that, for the sake of public health, fat must be trimmed from somewhere, even if it means a bit of sacrifice.

VIDEO ON THEME: The Curse of the Olympic Flame
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