Super coupon lady blog

Super coupon lady blog

Several things happened shortly after that did not allow me to jump back into a job. I have always wanted to work at home and I have been actively searching to earn income on my own terms while not having to answer to a supervisor on a daily basis. So I will share what income I have earned for January in hopes some of these opportunities may help you. I am happy with the outcome and hope to find one more steady work at home to meet my income goals each month. Driveline Merchandising: SASR Merchandising:

Best Online Deal Blogs to Save You Money

Super Coupon Woman has Paid It Forward over k in her community since with the help of coupons. Start Saving Money in everyday life. My book will show you how to save money, coupon, and start your own pay it forward mission. Because I want to share my pay it forward mission with everyone, I offer the E-book version for only. I wanted to share my guest blog post featured on The Mastermind Within, Please take time to read it and share with others, or if you have a blog and would like me to share my pay it forward story, please email or comment below.

Good News to everyone that loves Super Coupon Woman! Snag this deal while you can. If you want to learn how to coupon, save money, and read an inspiring pay it forward story also, this is the book for you! All I ask is that you leave a review and share this post so others can know what an awesome book it is! Enter below to win a free copy of my book that will help you to save money and give you ideas on paying it forward in I am glad I took the extra time to make it turn out better!

The day is finally here! My book will teach you how to coupon in easy to follow instructions and give you ways to save money without couponing. If you want to start out saving more money and want to read an inspiring pay it forward story also, this book is for you! Get it at a great price also! Spend 25 in books, get free shipping. If you are a prime member, you can buy 2 books one for yourself and one for a gift at only 3. If you are not a prime member, you would need to spend 35 in books to get the 10 off and free shipping.

I am happy to report that I have completed my new book and received my proof in the mail. I absolutely love it! Great Quality…looks Great! I recommend the paperback because it would be easier to refer back to on learning to coupon or saving money. This book will show you how to coupon in easy to understand terms, but also give you ways to save money without couponing. This will make a great Christmas gift for anyone wanting to save money or wanting to learn couponing.

At that time, I was the one needing help, hoping and praying everything would go just right. As single moms, we learn to take things day by day doing whatever we can to make sure our children are happy without them knowing the financial struggles we face every day. Sure, most of the times the answer was no, but what a relief it was when I came at just the right time and they said yes! I must have had a guardian angel to help me make it through those tough years.

I was stubborn, I wanted to be able to do this on my own! My children tell me they had a great childhood, so I managed to hide things pretty good. I would always look for free things to do, we would go to the library and park a lot! Things got a little easier financially when they were old enough for me to get a job, but they became more expensive as they turned into pre-teens and needed all the make-up, and money to go to the movies,and more expensive clothes.

I learned how to coupon in late , and I not only saved money in my own budget but soon began to see how Couponing could help me pay it forward to my community as a way to give back for all the help I had received when I so desperately needed it. I began to ask my friends and family and even the community to donate their unused coupons to the local food pantry so I would be able to get more items to help those in need in my community. My challenges continued to get larger. Even I thought I might be a little crazy for doing this one.

I started having some financial issues and was going to call it off, but my friends encouraged me to continue to donate and offered to help reach my goal! I decided to finish the challenge in and celebrate by Paying It Forward with backpacks filled with school supplies to those in need throughout my community. I am proud to say I successfully completed the challenge August 10, I always work saving money into my shopping trips, but I am just now getting back into extreme couponing again.

I thought I would share all the good deals that I caught this week. I have spent more than my budget this month for two reasons. Now I am stocked up on almost everything for months! Total Spent for Day: It was not that important, I just wanted them to get the Register Rewards.. Just changed my game plan a little. Second things that went wrong, I spent hours getting a list of free items available at Dollar Tree, but when I got there…they had none of the items!

Hi Everyone! Happy Donating Super Coupon Woman. Total Saved: I spent

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Extreme couponers can get a huge amount of product for little money, an attractive option for some college students. Step 1: Start collecting coupons. There are many places to find coupons. The important thing to remember with printable coupons is that the computer only allows two coupons to be printed per computer.

Super Coupon Woman has Paid It Forward over k in her community since with the help of coupons.

Chang s , coupon Posted 8: Read on for the list of deals. Food Lion Updated 2: The sale includes boots, sneakers, oxfords, loafers, boat shoes, slip-ons, chukka boots and more. Posted 9:

The 20 Best Coupon Sites in

Some of the links included in this post are from our sponsors. Read our disclosure policy. Whether you like to shop online or in stores, saving money is great. Taking advantage of coupons can help save you money on your purchases. Thanks to coupon websites, you are no longer limited to the Sunday paper for coupons. There are other ways to save money on the products you buy.

New to Couponing?!

Save your dollars and your time by knowing where to look for current deals. With our list of the best online deal blogs, you can more easily know where to go when you want to get tips from frugal moms, couples who have crawled their way out of debt, and fans of your favorite retailers like Target and Walgreens. We went out and carefully chose our favorite blogs for finding deals and the stories behind them. Out of the many, many bloggers out there who will claim to find you deals, we found the very best - the bloggers who regularly share what they find and will help you save money if you follow them. No matter the season or occasion, Retail Me Not shares great tips on how to cut costs and save money. Get creative ideas of how to stretch your budget year round. What s Your Halloween Alter-Ego? Follow RetailMeNot. Mom Advice.

How-to: Become an extreme couponer

New week, new ad!! Apologies for not making any posts last week. Are you ready for some savings??!! Here it is though!! Freebies , Mobile Apps , Walmart. Something neat about Ibotta rebates is that sometimes there are no size restrictions.

6 of the Best Krazy Coupon Lady Hacks and Guides

If you are new to couponing or have been couponing for years, you are in the right place! Here on Super Coupon Lady we are passionate about coupons and getting great deals! If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment below! We are ALL here to help each other! The art of couponing is to match store sales with coupons and stock up! Most stores follow a six week cycle for sale items. That means items that are on sale this week, will usually not be on sale for another six weeks! You will want to buy these items when they are on Super Sale using your coupons and buy as much as you need for a six week period. I would recommend you become familiar with all the terms and abbreviations associated with using coupons. Overage is great, wonderful, awesome!

Frugal Fashion: All opinions are mine. When I was in my 20s, I worked part-time in retail management as a way to build up savings as I launched my own business. Then one day, it occurred to me that perhaps a wig might be an option. What if I bought a wig that was a natural color, like brown, and then I could dye my hair whatever color I wanted? My clever plan worked, and I was able to go to work with brown hair while concealing my real, fire engine red hair underneath! Hard at work. That was over 10 years ago, and there are way better options available today than just buying a random cheap wig!

The Krazy Coupon Lady has some of the best tips for saving at great stores. One of my favorite tips from this awesome list of hacks is printing coupons from coupons.




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