Playstation 4 console deals reddit

Playstation 4 console deals reddit

Update 2: Sony now says it has fixed the viral messaging exploit that was sending PS4 consoles into a never-ending crash loop. Yesterday Sony told VG that a fix was coming in a system software update, but the PlayStation support account now says the issue has already been resolved. We ve since fixed the issue, and it wasn t bricking consoles, just sending them into a crash loop that can be quickly fixed in under 5 minutes. A PS4 exploit appeared during the weekend, in which a viral PSN message could render your machine unusable until you followed a workaround. Sony says it is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Dealmaster: Sony discounts a bunch of PlayStation 4 things ahead of E3

Believe it or not, last month marked the six-year anniversary of the PlayStation 4 reveal event held by Sony in New York City on February 20, With two teraflops of calculative processing power, the PS4 could double the number of polygons rendered in real-time by its predecessor, the PS3. Think of how good the best PS4 games now look compared to PS3. Suffice to say, the bar is bound to be high for the PS5, a console that has to exceed the performance threshold of not only the original PS4, but the 4.

It also has to compete with the likes of the Xbox One X, the "world s most powerful console," according to its helmer, Microsoft. And although it hasn t yet been referenced by name in any official capacity, the PlayStation 5 is all but confirmed. In the interim, the company is laser-focused on putting out exclusive games while continuing to support its online-based subscription services: Sony aims to carry out this plan all the way through its fiscal year, ending on March 31, Even so, there s no reason to believe a PS5 couldn t come out alongside rolling support for its precursor.

After all, the PS2 — Sony s best-selling console to date — went on to sell another 40 million units over the next seven years from the time the PS3 was released. Though Sony stopped revealing its lifetime sales figures subsequent to the launch of the PS4, the PS3 was still being shipped well into , with North American retailers receiving their final haul of consoles that October.

It wouldn t be out of character, then, for Sony to launch a new console before phasing out the PS4. Perhaps that explains why several analysts are now predicting that the PS5 will arrive in the flesh next year, in The best new games of and beyond. That makes sense considering that, at this point, pretty much everyone who has ever wanted to own a PS4 has already bought one.

In that same feature, Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games anticipates we ll get the "first details" regarding the PS5 later this year, which he suspects will "[include] an increased focus on cloud and subscription models. About a week after the aforementioned GamesIndustry. Interestingly, contrary to his PS5 sentiments, Ward expressed that there s a chance the PS4 could see a "modest hardware [refresh]" later this year, whatever that means.

Even if it was verified by an alleged insider on video game forum and healthy NeoGAF alternative ResetEra, it could easily be chalked up to a safe guess considering a current-gen PS4 Pro would set you back the same amount. The Reddit user, writing under the pseudonym "Novamonbasa," says the PS5 was pushed back from its initially planned release date, explaining that "the target was ," but that Sony had to delay the console for some unknown reason.

Erebus, the god of darkness born from chaos, fits the bill. Another name floating around the rumor mill is Project P. Speaking with GamesRadar directly, a source familiar with the matter informed us of the Project P handle in a private conversation. Apparently, it s being used in exchanges between Sony and its third-party partners. Be that as it may, our source did admit Erebus is another nickname for the approaching console.

For what it s worth, though, our money s on PS5 for its stage moniker. While the vanilla PS4 housed a set of two quad-core modules clocking in at 1. For a broader measurement, you can compare the 1. Unlike the PS4 and its professional sibling, however, the PS5 will definitely be based on more contemporary silicon. It s admittedly disconcerting to think a next-generation console could be running on three-year-old hardware by the time it comes out. Fortunately, in June of last year, a few industry sources speaking with Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho emerged under the guise of anonymity to clear up some of the erroneous reports surrounding what s really under the hood of the PS5.

Their forecast? If these reports are to be believed, up to two thirds of Koduri s engineers were dedicated solely to Navi at the same time that AMD s previous-generation Vega graphics were being developed. Because CEO Dr. That could help to explain the Vega s commercial struggle in the graphics card market. Well, that and the whole cryptocurrency mining debacle. That Forbes report aligns with what our sister site Tom s Hardware said of the PS5 s guts in a story that surfaced more recently in It s called Gonzala, and a number of reputable tech journalists at trusted publications are convinced it s being assembled with either Sony s Erebus or Microsoft s next family of consoles, codenamed "Scarlett," in mind.

A third possibility is that Gonzala will be used in the next batch of both PlayStation and Xbox systems, though Thurrott executive editor Brad Sams stated on his personal YouTube channel in December that Scarlett would use an 8-core AMD Zen 2 chip built on the 7-nanometer nm fabrication process. Whatever the case may be, written out in its entirety in a linked Imgur post , Gonzala s full codename does suggest it s being constructed for game consoles and not PCs.

In fact, instead of comprising its own separate architecture, Gonzala seems like a frankensteined convergence of Zen and Navi, boasting eight cores and a 1GHz base clock. If that sounds unimpressive then stay with us: Comparatively, the the PS4 Pro caps out at 2. The price-"leaking" Reddit post we brought up earlier spells out a similar future for the PS5, one characterized by a custom AMD Zen 2 processor and Navi graphics.

Here s the full rundown, courtesy of Gadgets Around that time, we ll start to see benchmarks giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from the PS5 s performance. It s likely the PS5 as a whole will be priced much lower than the first 7nm GPU alone, which may have something to do with the system s unusual separation of processor and graphics. When you think about it, it s understandable Sony would shy away from Nvidia graphics for the second generation in a row.

Despite the Green Team having a better reputation in the consumer graphics card market, especially on the high end, it s more cost-effective to design a console that consolidates the central processor and the graphics processor into a single die. That said, at the Inter BEE conference held in Tokyo back in December, Sony did treat us to a snippet of hyperrealistic gameplay that couldn t possibly have been running on a PS4.

The author of that piece, Anthony Garreffa, seems to believe the footage — which lasts a mere 12 seconds — is of Polyphony Digital s next-gen Gran Turismo title. And if we re being honest, that s not too outrageous of a claim. Perhaps it depicts a tech demo conceived solely for marketing purposes. Or, who knows, maybe it s an early look at Driveclub 2. Our guide to every game with PS4 Pro support in Whatever the case may be, unless it s at the lowest possible graphics settings, even the most expensive gaming PC will struggle to run the latest AAA games at an 8K resolution.

And fps? You can forget about that completely. The harsh reality is that we have no idea what sort of contraption Sony had hooked up to that lavish 8K screen. Now that we d like to see. Until it becomes a feasible reality in the far-off realm of PCs, we wouldn t bank 8K fps gaming on a PlayStation home console. But then again, we ve been wrong before.

Using a technique called temporal checkerboard rendering, in most games, the PS4 Pro prioritizes the objects on-screen that your eyes are presumably focused on. Less detailed are the areas that they re not. Close-up environments and textures, then, are presented at a higher resolution than some of the more trivial aspects of the game off in your periphery.

That by itself is pretty cool, but think: Erring on the side of caution, we ll refrain from saying fps is in any way a likelihood, but maybe — just maybe — 8K is an attainable goal, so long as it s not rendered natively. For us personally, we d rather see the PS5 deliver true 4K gaming at 60fps than cater to the needs of the miniscule number of early adopters wealthy enough to afford an 8K TV with a refresh rate high enough to display fps.

At the time of this writing, a sufficiently sized 8K screen will set you back over 10 grand. In terms of audio, Microsoft has taken the lead this generation. Xbox One is the only major console on the market right now supporting Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic, therefore it s graced with degree audio compatible with virtually every gaming headset you can buy.

At long last, Sony plans on implementing a similar technology "in an interactive capacity," according to Forbes. Obviously, it s something that could make its way to PS4 in time for the looming holiday madness. But, either way, it s a no-brainer for PS5. Another feature that seems viable for PS5 is vsync on a hardware level. In a patent unearthed by video games and technology website GearNuke , Sony references a new way to eliminate screen tearing on its consoles without the need for specialized displays.

By tapping into the power of its GPU, the system would be able to fill in for dropped frames using a technique called "vertical blanking" to match a game s framerate with the refresh rate of your display. That way, "each image updated on the screen of the display would perfectly correspond to the source frames generated by the GPU," says the patent. Following the discontinuation of the ill-fated PlayStation Vita, we re snickering at the idea that the PS5 could be a handheld.

Sony doesn t exactly have the best track record in that regard. But Nintendo does, and we know how much both of those companies like to steal each other s thunder. Bearing in mind the overwhelming success Nintendo has had with the Switch, a PlayStation home console that doubles as a portable one sounds awesome. We d kill to play a God of War or Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel on the go. Tentative as they are, a handful of reports seem to point in that direction, too.

Back in November, Dutch news source Techtastic brought to light a patent filed by Sony for an "electronic game cartridge" that could be supported by an upcoming handheld. We suppose it could also be for a traditional home console, though we haven t seen a cartridge in one of those since the Nintendo 64 days. So it s probably for a handheld.

The cartridge itself is very bizarre looking. At the top, it has a hole that looks like it could be useful for carrying your games around on a keychain. On the bottom is a connector port of some kind in case, for some reason, you d want to plug the cart into an external device. Around the same time, Sony also patented a touchscreen PlayStation controller, as per GameRant s reporting , reminiscent of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar that replaced its function keys some years ago.

Should it ever come to fruition, the otherwise DualShock 4 DS4 -like controller will have a small touchscreen rather than the touchpad it has now. In theory, the main difference would be the potential for visual cues in addition to its currently limited touch input functionality. Whereas the touchpad on the DS4 is primarily used for pulling up maps and setting waypoints, a touchscreen could allow for more complex gestures, such as editing levels in LittleBigPlanet or solving puzzles in the UbiArt Rayman games.

More often than not, patented products like these never make their way to market. In many instances, the patents themselves are filed as a cautionary measure. If Sony ever did decide to make a controller that, according to the patent, is "defined along the top surface of the main body between the first extension and the second extension," all its bases would be covered.

Here is why I m getting a Playstation 4 Slim, not Pro

It s called "Star Wars Battlefront 2. In it, you can play as over a dozen iconic "Star Wars" characters, in major "Star Wars" locations, doing "Star Wars" things like using the Force and piloting the Millennium Falcon. Unfortunately, all fans are talking about is why you shouldn t buy it. One of the top posts on the game s Reddit page on Friday morning said: We haven t sold a single copy of Battlefront II. Keep it up!

Kaplan was responding to a growing forum thread discussing the advantages higher level players receive by playing on a keyboard and mouse against controller users.

Sony announced two new versions of its popular gaming console Playstation 4 last week that will be out later this year. The Playstation 4 Slim is a slimmed down model of the original Playstation, while the Playstation 4 Pro ships with better hardware that improves the console s performance and prepares it better for Playstation VR. With three systems to choose from, making the right choice may not be as easy as it sounds. Even if you take the original Playstation 4 out of the picture, you are still left with two consoles to choose from. The Playstation 4 pro has a lot going for it.

Playstation 4 console deals reddit

A Reddit user has pieced together an image of Sony s PlayStation 4. The picture is made up of the glimpses offered by the recent teaser video. Yesterday s trailer contained partial images of the new console, showing the system s shape, its edges and a logo. It confirmed that consumers will "see it first" on June 10, which happens to be the date of Sony s E3 expo press conference. Teaser images from the PS4 hardware video: Playstation 4 hardware teaser video stills A previous trailer in April revealed the DualShock 4 controller and some of its new features.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: PS4 Pro "SPIDER-MAN" Limited Edition Console! Unboxing Marvel's Spider-Man Amazing Red Playstation 4

PS4 design pieced together on Reddit

The Redditor claims that the PlayStation 5 will be unveiled in the middle of , followed by a full reveal through a PlayStation Experience event. The next-generation console will then be released in either March or November of , which will be seven years since the launch of the PlayStation 4. Sony is said to be preparing hard for the PlayStation 5 reveal, which is why it will not participate at E3 in June next year. The PSVR 2 will have a built-in camera, and Sony is said to be testing virtual reality gloves for the system. New PlayStation Move controllers are also said to be on the way. Backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 5 remains unclear, but most of the late PlayStation 4 titles will also be released on the PlayStation 5. Anthem , the futuristic multiplayer shooter being developed by BioWare, will also apparently be delayed again from its February release date. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors Recommendations PlayStation 5 rumors:

Next Xbox X - 8C/16T Zen 2 CPU, Navi GPU, 16GB RAM for $

If it had trickled down to regular minimum wage employees, we d have a hell of a lot more leaks than we do. Think a bit higher up the food chain. However, it s interesting how the leak is being described as being higher up the food chain especially when many of the claims match what had previously been mentioned during reports published by Eurogamer earlier this year. Nintendo NX secrets have been spilled on Reddit having been verified by the moderators. As with these sort of Reddit posts, the moderators will rarely post anything , and any info will normally have to meet requirements to provide what they feel to be sufficient proof. We take protecting the identity of our sources very seriously.

GameStop Coupons, Promo Codes, & Sales

View all Neowin Deals. Find the bestselling used PlayStation 4 games to buy at a discounted price at gamefly. PlayStation Holiday Deals Click to share on Reddit. Playstation - RetailMeNot: PlayStation 4 1TB Console with Uncharted Lost Legacy for The main difference between the new consoles and their predecessors is the increased computing power that allows games to look and run better. Sony confirms limited edition 1TB gold. Enjoy exclusive PlayStation 4 games and exciting PS4 features.

Overwatch s console players are getting wrecked by keyboard and mouse users

There are apparently 16 audio tapes in total that have been sent out by Hello Games to the No Man s Sky Reddit Mods and from what we ve been told by those who possess the taps, side A contains a piece of synth music while side B is nothing more than distorted noise. There may be other words in others, although the repeated word suggests they may all be the same. So what does this all mean? More than likely it s related to a HUGE new update to the game coming in the weeks and months ahead. The message is just one word long: Audio cassettes were delivered over the past week to moderators of the official No Man s Sky reddit. On each cassette s side A is a piece of synth music. On each tape s side B is a pattern of distorted noise. Whatever this strange trail of breadcrumbs is leading to nobody can say for certain, but it does appear fairly pointed that Hello Games are teasing an update to the game that might make these useless structures within the game, suddenly very important. The term portal also leads us to believe that they are surely to be used as some sort of gateway to other planets, or perhaps new entirely new galaxy s.

Believe it or not, last month marked the six-year anniversary of the PlayStation 4 reveal event held by Sony in New York City on February 20,

Nintendo NX News: Reddit reveals new Mario game, price and release date for secret machine

Soulja wants more. On his website , the year-old entrepreneur is selling a plethora of electronics including the SouljaWatch, SouljaPods, SouljaPhone and SouljaHeadphones. None of that is too out of the ordinary; off-brand electronics are available across the country, though throwing your name on it is a simple, if ambitious, twist. How could he not be? Despite his long-simmering tenure in the spotlight, Soulja Boy is still the whipsmart internet fiend who roasted Ice T into oblivion on YouTube before rappers becoming talking heads for multi-million dollar media companies became a viable career option. Soulja was an internet savant at the outset of viral rap. His rapping and barebones production style partially influenced an entire generation, if in its DIY ethos more than its sound. When did you have the idea to sell your own gaming consoles? This idea came to me a while back. I had this idea like years ago. I played games all my life. So once I got into the music industry and I was successful with my music I always wanted to get into the gaming world.

The 9 Best PSVR Games to Play Right Now

Yesterday, VitaHex, a developer famous for making PS Vita games inspired from other games, has released his spin on the Dark Souls franchise. Download here: However, when they do, they publish very well written articles describing a lot of awesome Undoubtedly, the Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most loved and well-known game series of all time and because of this, many are modding what they can out of it. The most Sony has just started pushing PS4 firmware 6. PS4 6. It is not clear

Don t miss: Shadows Die Twice. Rumors about the N64 Classic Mini are rampant once again, with suggestions that Nintendo will reveal the new retro console during its Smash Bros Nintendo Direct on November 1, Nintendo is clearly onto something with its mini retro consoles which Sony has clearly taken notice of, seeing as it s relasing the PlayStation Classic in December The NES Classic Mini , released in , was in such high demand that it was almost impossible to buy. Most people would predict that the N64 Classic Mini is going to happen at some point, perhaps in , but nothing has been announced at this point and time is running out for a release date. With the right games and hardware features, the N64 Mini could be the best and most successful hand-sized retro console of the lot. While Nintendo is yet to say anything at all about the N64 Mini, putting it firmly in the "seems likely but currently wishful thinking" category, that doesn t mean we can t speculate about what the N64 mini will offer. We ve looked at the features the N64 mini would need, along with the N64 price and potential N64 games so you can get an idea of why Nintendo really should be putting this into production - if it isn t already. If Nintendo reveals the N64 Classic during its November 1 Nintendo Direct, there s a chance we ll see the retro console release in , but the platform holder has certainly left things rather late. It s very possible the new retro console could release around the same period as the PlayStation Classic, which arrives on December 3, Nintendo might worry slightly about overloading stores with new products, though, with its own Pokemon Let s Go due on November 16 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arriving on December 7. Throwing the N64 Classic into the mix would certainly give all but the most hardcore Nintendo fans some tricky buying decisions to make. The N64 placed multiplayer gaming at the centre of many of its most popular games.

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