Black Lab original commissioned artwork Custer State Park original commissioned artwork Adam does accept commissions on a first-come, first-served basis. He has several projects in line, and completes them in the order in which they came in (with a few exceptions).

If a customer has a particular place they would like to have commissioned, Adam prefers to visit in person and take his own reference photos. If this is not possible, he will use customer-supplied photos on occasion.

Sketches, reference photos and/or anything else used by the artist to complete the commissioned piece, will be included with the finished product.

Prices are estimated per each painting. There is a base price/sq foot, which then goes up or down depending on the complexity of the scene and frame/shipping, etc.

Please feel free to contact us by phone [605.254.2685] or by email [] if you are interested in your own Adam Oswald original painting!
Buffalo hide original commissioned artwork, R and R Hunting
Most unique commission: customer ordered a painting to be done on raw buffalo hide. Since it was a pheasant preserve, we decided to do a nostalgic map (something that resembles pirate treasure map). The old Chevy truck is one that is used as a photograph background for many of the guests.